The Radiant Radish is a radio show that airs on Nashville’s WRFN (103.7/107.1 FM) each Saturday at 9 p.m. CST. We play mostly power pop and pop punk, but all subgenres of rock music are featured.

In addition to the radio show, we also post music reviews here on the blog. We can’t review or play everything we receive, but if you would like to submit your music, contact us at radiantradish@yahoo.com.

We have a small record label and have a few releases on vinyl and CD. Visit our Storenvy to see our physical releases. We also have digital releases available at our bandcamp site.

This site also contains film reviews. We are mostly interested in horror and documentaries, but we watch all genres. If you are an independent filmmaker and would like to submit a film for review, contact us at radiantradish@yahoo.com.

The Radiant Radish started in Chalmette, LA, in 2000 as a collection of friends who hosted movie nights and booked/promoted DIY live shows. After moving to Nashville, we launched our radio show and small record label in 2017.

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